a film by Magdalena Chmielewska

A visually strong and remarkable film.

Jessica Hausner


„… Am Himmel by Magdalena Chmielewska reveals itself during only half an hour as no less than outstanding, as a work of violent, penetrating fantasy and undeniable urgency. Am Himmel features the haunting presence of Maria Spanring as a young woman radically performing her psychological and physical autonomy to regain her strength after an assault. Chmielewska and Spanring achieve a rare symbiosis of performance and visuality which expands the intensity of the film far beyond what is visible onscreen.”
http://desistfilm. com/diagonale-2018-an- overview/

„… With great precision and inventiveness, Chmielewska uses only a few brushstrokes to shape a complex figure. This is a person to whom violence has been done but who does not want to see herself as a victim. In an instinctively orchestrated process of self-empowerment, she recognizes her strengths ever more clearly, and she is not afraid of them. In Maria Spanring, Chmielewska has found a congenial actress who captures Maya´s paradoxes both physically and psychologically. ”