a film by Magdalena Chmielewska

A visually strong and remarkable film.

Jessica Hausner


It is night in Heaven’s Meadow, on the outskirts of Vienna.
Injured and barefoot, Maya runs back home, to the city center.
Next day she reports the incident of the prior evening.
She undergoes a check-up and files an official statement:
assaulted by several perpetrators, no traces of semen, but internal injuries.
Rather than falling apart, Maya takes off to Italy to see Daniel.
There, she hopes to forget. She wants to regain control of her life.
But instead, she keeps floating through the world like an unanchored island.

fiction shortfilm
duration: 29:45 min.
country: Austria
format: 2K DCP
sound: Dolby Stereo
framerate: 24fps
ratio: 1.85 : 1
language: German
subtitles: English, Polish
produced by Filmakademie Wien & MaYa Creations
world sales: sixpackfilm